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Top 5 Ways to Living into Learning!

How to turn every day activities into learning fun!

I don’t know if you’ve heard but the world is going crazy with this Corona Virus that is taking over our world. I know many people are suggesting websites, online tours, and virtual learning in many different forms. Being a blogger, I can’t say that I am against this, but being a teacher tells me students need more than just virtual everything, especially in the early childhood ages. Early Childhood in technical terms is birth to third grade. I however, am focusing on ages 2 to about 6. These are critical ages for learning, and often times the best teachers aren’t the ones in the classrooms, it’s YOU, the parents.

Your kids look up to you like no one else; that is why you are the best teachers. Believe me as a teacher this is sometimes hard to admit. I want to say that I know everything, and that I AM the best Teacher. Being truthful with myself, that would be a complete lie. I can’t compare to you as a parent, as I can, as a teacher. Ok, that sentence was a little awkward. In other words, a teacher can’t compare to you the parent in your child’s eyes.

This time that God has granted us to be together as a family unit, is a time we can cherish. I feel like God is trying to wake us up and refocus us on what is truly important in this World gone Tech, our Family.

As Parents we have 2 options right now:

  1. We can turn strictly to what is online, and what the teachers will give to us virtually.
  2. Or, we can use what the teachers offer, but use ever day living to help educate our child in this

Today I am going to explore Option 2 with you.

Many times we as parents rely so much on teachers and our education system, that we forget that we are also their teachers in life skills.

Many of my students come in not knowing things like how to say please and thank you, how to share, how to be patient, and how to take turns. This even goes for big kids. If you have older kids: kids aren’t being taught how to do laundry, cook, balance a checkbook, or how to make a budget. These are all lessons that we can teach from simply living, and taking the time to explain to our kids.

Five Ways to Incorporate Life Skills into Learning for Young Learners

  1. Simply Explain and Ask Questions about every day things: If you are grocery shopping with little ones, ask them to help find things. Example can you find the yellow bananas. Can you please pick up 5 green apples. Or if you are worried about taking them grocery shopping, (I completely understand), You can simply ask them to help you in the kitchen. Measuring is also in most standards for preschool. What better way to teach measuring, then while cooking.
  2. Play Games: If you are like me, I get so caught up in life, that sometimes, I am TOO BUSY to even sit down and play games with my kids. Honestly though, even playing games like Candy land, or tic tac toe, or ants in the pants game. These all work on numbers and colors, but they also work on important life skills like, taking turns, patience, and loosing or winning with Grace. These things are all important as well.
  3. Take your kids outside: Play catch, go for a walk, draw the alphabet with chalk, blow bubbles, go on a scavenger hunt or simply look at nature around you. On your walk you can count how many birds you see. You can look for nests or bugs, and talk about the different homes of animals.
  4. Practice Writing: Have them help write grocery lists,(draw pictures of the items needed). Have fun by drawing pictures, writing letters, sending thanks yous. Show kindness to others by writing letters to people in a nursing home. They don’t see any one right now except the nurses, because no one is allowed in. It would be a great way to do community out reach. Otherwise, if you want something closer to home, have your kids write letters to Grandma or Grandpa, or an elderly neighbor who may not have many visitors.
  5. Most Importantly READ: The simplest way to help a young student out right now is to read to them. Setting aside read aloud time is huge. A child who reads 1,000 books before kindergarten can improve reading comprehension. language skills, vocabulary, and love of reading that will grow over time. It is also good for kids to see their parents reading for enjoyment. It demonstrates how important reading is for them, and they will want to be like YOU. Another way we are the best teachers.

Those are just a few quick ways that you can integrate learning into every day life.  Sometimes the best learning happens when there isn’t a lesson plan.  Please keep that in mind as we as parents and teachers take on Home Schooling during this crazy time in our World.  Be confident that you can do this! Your kids love you and only want to be with you, even when they are driving you crazy.  Have fun, enjoy this time with your kids, and most of all just keep talking to your kids.  Think outside the box and ask colors, shapes, letters, and make it simple.  You will do great! 

Don’t forget if you still need other ideas you can always click on these few pictures to get some other fun ideas.  These are just a few that I thought would be easy to integrate into your lives now.  Enjoy! Any Other Ideas Please let me know in the comments section. Also if you need more help, try visiting my store Kick Start Preschool Themes Store .

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