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One of the reasons I do what I do.

In this blog I hope to include activities that meet varying standards in each of the main subjects as well as ideas for a Social/Emotional Class.  The social emotional class, I feel is a growing necessity because as kids get more detached from socialization through screen time, we are finding more and more cases of Sensory Disorders, Autism, ADHD and other disorders that all struggle with Social/Emotional.  Also at this age we are trying to teach them Self-regulation in many other ways, helping them in Social Emotional ways I think will also help control classroom management in the future and help them to also function in school and maintain their own emotions.  This is a passion for me because my eldest daughter has had seizures for all of her life, and because of them has displayed autistic like tendencies and ADHD tendencies, however has not been officially diagnosed with either.  All of those aspects of her life have caused her to struggle with social/emotional growth, and I wish now I had spent more time with her as her preschool teacher working on this with her.  That is why I have tried to include a social and emotional activity for each theme also. Hope this helps keep you organized and having fun with those kiddos.

Math, Science, Social, Social Studies, Literature, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Art, and Music.