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Abby Gaulke (All about Me)


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Abby Gaulke Creator of Kickstart Preschool
Welcome to Kick Start Preschool

Hey Everyone,
My Name is Abby Gaulke, and I was a preschool teacher, childcare director, and 5th to 8th grade art teacher for 9 years. I am married to an amazing, loving, and supportive man, named Jonathan. Together, we have three beautiful girls, Anna, Kaela, and Tori.

After my nine years of teaching I had a new calling to be a stay at home Mom, and to help take care of my father in law who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Although I enjoy being a stay at home mom, my littlest is now going to be in first grade.  Therefore,  I find myself missing my classroom sometimes. I look back over my 9 years, and want to share my exciting themes.  These themes that I persevered in putting together, with others.

My goal is to help and encourage other early childhood teachers in whatever position you may be filling; even if it is just a mom looking for ideas to keep her preschooler busy on a weekend while still learning. We all are teachers as parents too. Here we go, kick starting a new year of preschool themes.
Thank you for exploring my blog.

If you want more idea than I have on here, come check out the collection of ideas I have placed together on my Pinterest  site.

One last place to come check out some ideas and do some interacting with me, would be on my facebook site,  Hope to see you there.  


Abby Gaulke